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Jeep JL/JT Trim Clips and Fasteners

Since Jeep has yet to release a service manual for the Jeep JL and JT it is almost impossible to find replacement trim clips and fasteners.  You will, unfortunately, find little help from your local dealership.  Both times I tried the dealership they told me I had to buy the entire trim piece.

Following is information on the commonly used trim clips and fasteners used in the Jeep JL and JT.  Whenever possible the links provided are for the original Mopar part.

If you do not find the clip you need listed here please let us know what you are looking for through our contact page and we will try to find the part for you.  Clips and Fasteners are also a good source for Jeep trim clips and fasteners.  One other place to try is your local body repair shop.  They will typically have a vendor they use for locating trim clips and fasteners–the “clip buy.”

Instrument Panel Center Console Small Clips

These clips are used throughout the interior of the Jeep JL and JT.  The Mopar part number is 6510407AB.


Mopar Wholesale Parts

Mopar Parts Giant

Fender Flare Clip

Jeep JL/JT Wheel Flare Trim ClipW-Style trim clip for fender flares.  The Mopar part number is 68395634AA.

Quadratec (after-market)

Just for Jeeps

Grille Fastener Rivet Push Pin

Jeep JL JT Grille Fastener Push PinPush pin style grille fastener.  Mopar part number 6503598 (you’ll shit when you see the price).


Mopar Parts Giant

Amazon (after-market)