by | Mar 6, 2020 | Maintenance

Jeep JL/JT Cabin Air Filter

While the JL/JT cabin air filter is well hidden behind the glove box, it is very easy to replace.   According to Jeep, it should be swapped out every 20K miles.  If you’re doing much off-roading though, and I hope you are, 12K is probably a better idea.  It gets pretty dirty pretty fast.

SuppliesMopar 68301863AA or FRAM CF10728 or STP CAF1846P
Time to Finish15m

How to Replace The JL/JT Cabin Air Filter

  1. Open the glove box and on the left side, there is a plastic arm that fits into a slotted hole (see image 1). Pull the front part of the arm towards you and you will hear a click. Then pull the front part of the arm to the left and away from the glove box.
  2. Lower the glove box door and at the back, there is a catch limiting how far the door will open (see image 2).  Push up on the plastic above the glove box and the door will swing down completely.
  3. Above the two connectors there is a cover over the cabin air filter (see image 3).  Pinch the two tabs together and the cover will pull out revealing the filter (see image 4).
  4. Remove the cabin air filter by pinching it together and pulling (see image 5).
  5. Install the new cabin air filter by kind of squishing it into the slot. Once installed it will expand back into its original shape so don’t worry about bending it during installation.
  6. Reinstall the cabin air filter cover by pressing the left side of the cover against the filter housing and sliding it to the right.  The tab on the right side of the cover will fit into a slot and then just press the left side back into place (see image 6).
  7. Partially close the glove box door until the catch at the top engages.  Then push the left arm back into the slotted hole and push forward until you hear a click.

This would also be a good time to replace the disposable cabin air filter with a reusable one.  I recommend the K&N VF2064 cabin air filter, which fits the JL and JT (Amazon).  While you’re at it, get the K&N Cabin Filter Cleaning Kit (Amazon) for cleaning and recharging the filter.